Starting and ending with grace

You Are It – It Is Self

I’m big on de-cluttering and the other day I was going through a file on spiritual ideas to create and I came across a poem that my daughter wrote for me a few years ago.

It speaks of our divine being and the layers/veils that we cover over this truth. The patterns and beliefs that keep us in separation from the supreme truth that we are divine.

I have been focusing on self-care this month and I want you all to know that taking care of the spiritual aspect of your self is part of caring for yourself. Your beliefs are what help align you to your life’s purpose. Don’t be afraid to wake up into the realization that you are bigger than your masque. Enjoy your awakenings in any way they come small, big or sweet.


You be kidding when you say “poor lil me.”
Mr. Guru “I have problems,”
which receives a funny look.
A guru sees Brahma
the Godhead
“Poor lil me”

This act is beautiful
and I congratulate you
for saying you are a
person for persona
means masque.
“Mr. Guru will I be reincarnated?”
“What is in store for me?”
“Who be asking the question?”
is what he says to me.
The answer is never answered.
Buddha is
awakened self
awake your self

What colour is your eyes?
The lens to which you see?
It is transparent
no colour
no difference
from you or me.
Have you had the vision
that all is unique?
Have you had the idea
that we are already complete?
Rest that head Brahma
who pretends to be a person
It takes a minute to remember…
you are the same as Mr. Guru
yet, ignorant.
Remember … you create your masque.
Remember… you are it and it is self.
Realize… live as self
Visualize…your life complete.

 Lady Leigh

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