Starting and ending with grace

The Wisdom of Nature

Let Nature Heal You


There is a shift happening on earth. We are reconnecting to the knowledge, pleasure, healing, and joy that nature brings to us. We are awakening to the beauty of nature and reclaiming our birthright.

Nature supports us to find balance, harmony, connection and medicine. Being in nature grounds us. It brings us back into the present moment, which allows us to find clarity in our lives. Our senses are also heightened being in nature.

Can you recall swimming in a lake or the ocean and felt the chill of the water on your body? Or sat outside in a park listening to the sweet melodies of the songbirds. One can see beauty everywhere from the hues of colours at sunset to the sweetness of a meadow of daisies. We are energized by the sun, and enjoy the feeling of the warmth on our bodies and calmed by the cooling beauty of a mysterious full moon. Who hasn’t felt the power of the wind which can range from a gentle soft breeze to a full-blown storm. These are the elements at work and they remind us of the beauty within ourselves. We are made of the same elements; earth, water, fire, and air. We are nature and she is us. The body is earth and the water are the fluids of the body. The fire our chemical reactions and the air our breath.

Divine intelligence is carried on the breath – it is our life force. This is not an intellectual concept it is one that must be experienced to be known. This interconnectedness may come in big Aha’s or sweet, soft whispers. How each person experiences this differently is perfect, because we are listening to ourselves and becoming aware of this connection.

Nature is abundant and she provides for all. All one has to do is look at the flowers on a tree, a flowing stream, or a meadow full of dandelions. She supplies us with food, water, shelter, healing plants, knowledge, and beauty. Being appreciative and in gratitude for all her gifts will strengthen this connection and open our hearts. Appreciation of all beings sparks change on the earth. There is a divine intelligence in nature. The trees and plants are sentient beings and have their own consciousness. Water too has its own consciousness and holds memory. Being in nature teaches us to turn inward, to quiet ourselves so that we can find the clarity and the answers within our self. Nature supports our wellbeing. As we find wellbeing in ourselves we will expand outwards and others will connect and wish it for themselves. It doesn’t matter how we connect; sit in a park, smell a flower, go for a walk, dive into the ocean or enjoy a campfire. Just connect and trust that we will. It’s all in the allowing.

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