Starting and ending with grace


Self Care Equals Self Love

We lead very busy and hectic lives and it is seems so easy to not take care of one’s self. For many people the only time that they focus on themselves is when they go on a holiday or get sick. I used to be this way in my own life but that changed many…

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The Sweetness Of Life

Personally, I find daily news stories upsetting, so I stopped watching mainstream media and news many years ago. To stay current, once a week I go to a local cafe, get a latte and browse through a few newspapers. I like being able to feel the paper in my hands and to choose which story…

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Day of the Dead – A Day of Remembering and Honouring

It’s a few days before Halloween and you can feel the excitement. There are fairies, witches and super heroes already out and about and you can feel the excitement in the air. I hear fireworks in the distance and it takes me back to the firework shows that the neighbourhood held together when I was…

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