Starting and ending with grace


Self Care Equals Self Love

We lead very busy and hectic lives and it is seems so easy to not take care of one’s self. For many people the only time that they focus on themselves is when they go on a holiday or get sick. I used to be this way in my own life but that changed many…

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Journeying With The Giants

I was sick for a month with a nasty cold and cough and wasn’t able to get out for my nature walks. I found doing anything that exerted my body caused fits of coughing so I knew that I needed to quiet and still myself so that my body could heal. I’m happy to say…

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How To Get A Good Nights Sleep

Is lack of sleep affecting you? Are you able to fall asleep but wake up and then can’t get back to sleep? Or are you exhausted and go to bed only to lie awake tossing and turning for what seems like the entire night? When people are going through challenging times in their lives getting…

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Peace Through Stillness

The kids were with me over Christmas and we talked about what we wanted to happen in 2019 our dreams, hopes and intentions. All of us said that we intended to spend more time quietly with ourselves and we all had a different idea of what that would be. For me it is my time…

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