Starting and ending with grace


Nurture Yourself With Lavender

Everywhere I look I see lavender blooming and it brings a smile to my face. Lavender is one of the most amazing plants that I have ever worked with. I love it so much that I created an Agri-Tourism and Wellness Centre that featured Lavender! This was such an incredible experience and one which I…

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Beat The Winter Blues With Orange Essential Oil

I live in North Vancouver which is on the West Coast of Canada, and we consider ourselves the California of Canada, because of our temperate climate. This winter has been amazing! Mid January and bulbs were starting to peek up and everyone was getting pretty cocky about spring being right behind it. Then Mama Nature…

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Peace Through Stillness

The kids were with me over Christmas and we talked about what we wanted to happen in 2019 our dreams, hopes and intentions. All of us said that we intended to spend more time quietly with ourselves and we all had a different idea of what that would be. For me it is my time…

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Change – The #1 Challenge We All Face

We are having an incredible fall in Vancouver. The sun has been shinning for days, the air is so clean and clear, and I love the colours! The leaves have changed colour and are falling from the trees. Everywhere I look I see rich vibrant reds, golden yellows, and brilliant oranges. As I walk down…

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Natural Remedy for Teething!

There are two herbs that can support your baby when they are suffering from teething. They are Catmint and Chamomile. Yes, you heard me – Catmint is the same plant that makes cats go loopy and tear around your house! Chamomile is the tea that Peter Rabbit drank to settle his upset tummy. These plants…

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