Starting and ending with grace


Courage To Let Go

The energies have been challenging this spring and summer because there are many streams of light entering the planet and humanity. As the light enters it flows throughout your aura and body and moves into the shadow aspect of our being. The shadows are our unresolved thoughts/emotions, patterns and beliefs that we haven’t dealt with…

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Self Care Tips

An easy and effective way to support your self care time is by using essential oils daily. Check out my products page to see what blends can help you, click here.

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Are You An Optimist?

Someone recently asked me how I came to this career. I shared how so many loved ones had died in a few short years while I was having my children and that the new lives of my children and the death of my family members impacted me to the core of my being. She then…

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Earth & Humanity Changes

What’s Going On? Are you feeling triggered and not sure why? Do you notice that everyone is talking about the extreme weather changes? What’s going on politically? What’s going on with the health care system and the financial system? A friend and I created these two videos in the fall of 2012. We captured the…

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