Starting and ending with grace


Spread Joy

I was with one of my client’s (who’s a new mom) last week and we were talking about what her plans were for Christmas. She said I want to go and visit my family — she gave birth in October, so everything is still very new. The plan is to go visit her parents, his…

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Earth & Humanity Changes

What’s Going On? Are you feeling triggered and not sure why? Do you notice that everyone is talking about the extreme weather changes? What’s going on politically? What’s going on with the health care system and the financial system? A friend and I created these two videos in the fall of 2012. We captured the…

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The Wisdom of Nature

Let Nature Heal You   There is a shift happening on earth. We are reconnecting to the knowledge, pleasure, healing, and joy that nature brings to us. We are awakening to the beauty of nature and reclaiming our birthright. Nature supports us to find balance, harmony, connection and medicine. Being in nature grounds us. It brings…

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