Starting and ending with grace


Need to Chill Out? Try Peppermint

We are in the middle of summer and enjoying the sun filled days and warm nights. For a lot of people, they have a hard time in the heat and find sleeping at night very difficult. I love summer and the sun, but I am always looking for some shade whether it be an umbrella…

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Rosemary For Focus & Clarity

It seems that more and more people are telling me that they are forgetful and are having trouble focusing, it may not seem that surprising with our busy or hectic lives, but it is still a concern. Not being able to focus is common complaint for individuals who are going through a challenging time or…

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We Are Energy

Did you know that every cell in our body vibrates and our cells vibrate at different frequencies? For instance, the cells in our liver will vibrate at a different frequency that the cells in our heart. This is true for every organ, muscle, and system in our body. We truly are a masterpiece. The first…

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Earth & Humanity Changes

What’s Going On? Are you feeling triggered and not sure why? Do you notice that everyone is talking about the extreme weather changes? What’s going on politically? What’s going on with the health care system and the financial system? A friend and I created these two videos in the fall of 2012. We captured the…

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Change – The #1 Challenge We All Face

We are having an incredible fall in Vancouver. The sun has been shinning for days, the air is so clean and clear, and I love the colours! The leaves have changed colour and are falling from the trees. Everywhere I look I see rich vibrant reds, golden yellows, and brilliant oranges. As I walk down…

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