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Remembrance Day – “Lest We Forget”

I find that I reflect a lot at this time of year. Probably because the weather has changed – we are moving into winter and life is quieting. It’s also my birthday month and I’m thinking about the year and how it went for me, did I do everything that I planned or is there still more to get done. I also spend time setting my intentions for next year.

This weekend there is a national holiday in Canada and Sunday is Remembrance Day. On this day Canadians remember those who fought and died in the line of duty to keep us free. Every year on November 11th at 11am Canadians pause for a few moments to remember those who served and continue to serve during times of war and peace.

This day has always been important to me because I remember my Gramps who fought in WWII. He survived the war and he would take us to the service on this day. People would gather at the war memorial in order to remember those who fought and died. Service representatives would lay wreaths, and “In Flanders Field” by John McGrae would be read. I was little, so I didn’t really understand the full concept but I knew it was important and important to Gramps.

I find this service quite emotional and I feel called to go every year. The service men and women are so dignified and for me it is a time to remember and honour them. Many Canadians wear poppy pins which are a symbol of Remembrance Day and at the end of the service we lay the poppy pins on the memorial. I always say a prayer for Gramps.

Remembering is so important because it helps us heal. Heal from our grief. On Remembrance Day we come together as a nation to remember and honour those who served. May all beings be blessed.

My daughter is a poet and she wrote this poem for me to add today.

Why Poppies Grow

Nameless they lay in a field
that flows of poppies.
Asking us to pause
before a world that
was cut in pieces.

In silence we remember
all of them now faceless
for a moment, never broken
we honour all of those
lives unjustly taken.

Hold strong their dream
of union strong and free
of people coming together
in oneness and lands
joining in harmony.

Leigh Wyman, Poet

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