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Need to Chill Out? Try Peppermint

We are in the middle of summer and enjoying the sun filled days and warm nights. For a lot of people, they have a hard time in the heat and find sleeping at night very difficult. I love summer and the sun, but I am always looking for some shade whether it be an umbrella or a tree. I tend to walk in the woods a lot at this time of year because the trees are nature’s cooling system.

When it gets hot, we in the Western cultures just keep on going without considering the heat. It seems quite obvious that hot hot days means slow down! In many hot countries they actually take time off during the heat of the day to rest and relax and they come out in the evening when the sun has set.

I remember years ago being in Italy with my sister, we were backpacking around Eu-rope. We were in Florence and it was very hot out, we had been touring around in the morning and then thought we would do some shopping in the afternoon. Little did we know that the stores were closed for the afternoon because of the heat. I remember being annoyed at the time (I was 21 so what did I know) and thought it was the weirdest thing. Isn’t it interesting how with age we shift our viewpoints and I now realize how civilized and wise they were.

However, we in the West don’t slowdown in the heat of the day and we can suffer because of this. What happens is that the heat causes added stress on the body. When you are in a stressed state the nervous system kicks into high gear and the body goes into fight, flight or freeze mode. The heat also makes the systems of the body work harder to cool it down which adds more stress.

Here are some symptoms that you may be experiencing from the heat:

  • Overheated
  • Cranky
  • Edgy
  • Increased circulation
  • Brain fog
  • Sun stroke
  • Fainting
  • Feeling blah
  • Exhausted
  • Lethargic
  • Not being able to handle a task for too long
  • Unfocused

Well, there is a way to cool the body down and it’s natural. It’s the herb Peppermint!

Peppermint is a stimulating herb, as is the essential oil with many properties. A major property of peppermint is that it can cool the body down. When someone has the flu and they have a fever a cup of Peppermint Tea and misting the body with Peppermint Essential Oil will bring a fever down. It does the same thing if you are over heated.

There are so many ways that you can use this plant. One simple way is to use it in teas. I am always telling my clients eat your medicines and the herb Peppermint is medicine.

Drinking Peppermint tea will also help with digestion. Using the essential oil also helps with digestion, plus it brings relief from aches and pains, flus and coughs. It is very important that you use the correct dilution. Did you know that 1 Peppermint Tea bag is equal to 35 drops of the essential oil, SO LESS IS ALWAYS MORE. I have included a dilution chart at the bottom.

The best way to use Peppermint to cool you down on a hot day is to create a mist (check dilution chart) or put a drop in a bucket of water and put your feet into it. Everything is absorbed through the feet so doing this will cool your entire body down quickly.

Here is a Peppermint Iced Tea Recipe:

Below are three information cards that I created to explain the Properties and a few Blends that you can make using Peppermint Essential Oil. I have also added a dilution chart so you get the correct dosage.

There is always a natural remedy for what you are experiencing. Give this amazing healing herb a try. Peppermint will cool your body and mind enabling you to enjoy the beautiful hot days of summer.

NOTE: Peppermint is not suitable for babies and children under 7 years of age. An alternative oil to use would be Spearmint.

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