Starting and ending with grace

Journeying With The Giants

I was sick for a month with a nasty cold and cough and wasn’t able to get out for my nature walks. I found doing anything that exerted my body caused fits of coughing so I knew that I needed to quiet and still myself so that my body could heal.

I’m happy to say I’m finally feeling much better, and I went for my first hike in weeks. Being in nature is one of my self-care practices and it was so relaxing to finally be able to walk through the woods again. As I followed the path, I saw many Cedars and Douglas Firs, many of them were very large as they were older trees. Trees have always fascinated me especially Douglas Firs.

As I walked I noticed the roots of one Douglas Fir, they were massive and sprang up upon the path. I wondered how old this tree must be to have roots this huge. As I stood pondering the tree’s roots, I decided to spend some time with these amazing giants. After poking about I found a secluded spot and sat among the trees and plants. It just so happened that there were quite a few Doug Firs surrounding me so I quieted and asked what wisdom these ancient trees held for me.

The first thing that I noticed was the stillness in the forest. It was mid-afternoon so the birds were quiet and there was no wind. In the distance I could hear the river but even it was flowing gently. Everything was so peaceful and quiet.

I found this very soothing and noticed that I was breathing slowly and deeply. With each breath I could smell the soil, firs and cedars. It was a hot day and the heat intensified the scents of the forest. It was a beautiful calming smell and I was inspired to create a perfume blending the scents of the forest together. I will share it with you when it’s done!

There was some sap on the Doug Fir and I touched it with my finger. The sap was sticky on my fingers and I could feel the scent in my chest. Douglas Fir is very calming for the nervous and respiratory systems and this was what I was experiencing as I sat by these trees.

I was sitting on the ground with my back against the tree and I felt very supported and grounded. It has always been very important for me to feel grounded and connected to the earth, as it has been a major way I have healed during challenging times.

I believe that we are being challenged now by personal, local and world events and it is important for people to feel connected to nature and the earth. Feeling grounded is one way to feel connected to yourself, nature and the earth. We live very hectic lives and spend a lot of time in our minds thinking about all the things that we must do throughout our day and week. Often, we forget that our bodies are communicating with us and being grounded supports you to be connected here in the present moment. As I mentioned before I have always found the forest a beautiful way to ground into ourselves.

I sat quietly noticing the Douglas Firs, it occurred to me that these trees are solid, straight, and have such a strong strength about them.

They were showing me how to connect and ground myself into the earth so that I can feel safe, secure and present with everything that is happening in my own life. As I walked on, I was so grateful to the trees for sharing this important lesson. Sometimes we need to experience the same lesson over again and again, often from a different angle to get another perspective.

Nature is an amazing generous teacher if we are willing to quiet ourselves and take the time needed to learn the lesson.

When I got home, I got my Douglas Fir Essential Oil out and put it into my diffuser because I wanted to continue to hold this calm grounded feeling within myself.

Let me know if any of you would like a Personalized Forest Blend to have with you in your home if the forest is not near to you.

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