Starting and ending with grace

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a special time of year where we gather with our loved ones and friends to celebrate and give thanks for all our blessings.

Last week I was in Los Angles on a marketing seminar and I was struck by the challenges people can go through and still show up and be thankful for the blessings in their life. This inspired me to write this blog.

The course started Tuesday morning and the leader was already in the room as we arrived. As the event started, he shared with us what had happened during the past five days in his life. He had had knee surgery, there had been a mass shooting which killed 12 people at a local bar, and he and his family had been evacuated from their home because of the fires in the area. There were moments as his spoke that he struggled to get through and it was very emotional for everyone. Many joined in the conversation because they had been affected by the shootings and the fires or knew someone who had been.

He shared that they had 20 minutes to evacuate and they had run through the house gathering photos and items precious to them. Because he had the knee surgery the day before he had thrown down his crutches and raced around his home gathering family belongings. He had done what he had to do. It was obvious to everyone that he was in a lot of physical and emotional pain. When he talked about the shootings, he shared that many of the people who died were young college students some that he and his family knew. These events have devastated the community.

It had been a traumatic and devastating week but he was so grateful that he and his family were safe and that his home was still there. Because he knew many who had lost their homes in the fires.

At first, I couldn’t believe what had happened and that he was even here with us about to hold the seminar. I thought to myself — “here is a true leader.” He was honouring his commitment to be here for us and thankful that we had all come.

Something happened in the room that day, there was a deeper connection between the group and it was real. His vulnerability and pain had touched everyone’s hearts and we followed his lead by being truly present, honest, and vulnerable with each other.

At the end of the seminar I told my colleague how happy I was that I had decided to attend the seminar and be part of this business community. This took business to a new level — one of community, being heart centered, and supporting each. Together we all win.

This Thanksgiving many will give thanks for the blessings such as family, friends, food, water and shelter. For myself I witnessed that even in tragedy and loss there is so much to give thanks for and I am grateful to Craig for showing this to me. May you all be blessed and spread your abundance to others to create communities that support and lift everyone up.

I’m on a mission to support people who are grieving to achieve peace. If you have a friend or family member who needs to hear this message, please share this article with them.

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