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Forgiveness Is the Key

In my opinion, forgiveness is one of the most important steps to healing that I have experienced in my life and that of my clients. In the past I have held onto situations where I felt I had been wronged. Actually, when my family members died I was mad at God and I felt that their deaths had been unfair and cruel. My mom’s death in particular was painful, we had had a challenging relationship and I felt that we lost our chance to resolve the issues between us. However, I was wrong. The fact that she was dead didn’t seem to have any effect, because the more I forgave her and myself the better I felt.  Interesting!

When we don’t forgive we hold onto the pain, anger, and angst of the situation that had happened and this keeps us stuck in the past. Many people have unresolved issues when a loved one dies and they can struggle with thoughts of guilt, anger, and resentment. Often, they say, “I should have been there more at the end,” or “I’ll never forgive myself for not saying I loved him or her.” They feel they deserve to suffer for what they have done or not done.

I’m not suggesting that it’s ok for someone to hurt you. However, when you can’t forgive yourself or the other person you remain stuck in the pain. People hurt others because they are in pain — plain and simple. The result is that we stay stuck and are not able to let go and move forward in our life.

We are energetic beings and, in my work, I teach people about energy and how it affects us. When someone feels emotions such as guilt, anger, and resentment their vibration drops and it effects their health and life. If they aren’t able to shift the emotions they stay stuck and are held in a self-made prison.

Willing to begin the process of forgiveness is huge because it creates the space that is needed to shift. It opens the door to healing the situation. One is then able to see the situation from a higher perspective and this brings understanding and compassion. When you are able to expand your view of the situation you can see why it happened and also your part in it.

In 2009 I was in Hawaii and was told about a Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer called the Ho’oponopono.

It’s four simple sentences:

This is what it means:

I’m sorryI acknowledge this situation and am sorry for holding onto it and allowing it to hurt me.

Forgive me I release this from you and me.

I love youAllows you to release the situation. Love transmutes everything.

Thank you I am so grateful for the lessons that I have learnt from this situation.

This is a beautiful practice that I encourage people to do whenever they are feeling angry, resentful, guilty, or sad.  When they are holding onto something and there is a need for forgiveness. I encourage you to say it over and over again, out loud or in your head. It diffuses the situation and you will begin to notice that you aren’t triggered anymore.

Forgiveness Is The Key

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