Starting and ending with grace


We Are Energy

Did you know that every cell in our body vibrates and our cells vibrate at different frequencies? For instance, the cells in our liver will vibrate at a different frequency that the cells in our heart. This is true for every organ, muscle, and system in our body. We truly are a masterpiece. The first…

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The holiday season is here. As I walk around my neighbourhood I see the lights on the houses, the decorations, and the wreaths hung on doors. The malls and the advertisers are in full swing reminding us that we only have so many more days until the big day is here. We are bombarded with…

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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a special time of year where we gather with our loved ones and friends to celebrate and give thanks for all our blessings. Last week I was in Los Angles on a marketing seminar and I was struck by the challenges people can go through and still show up and be thankful for…

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Remembrance Day – “Lest We Forget”

I find that I reflect a lot at this time of year. Probably because the weather has changed – we are moving into winter and life is quieting. It’s also my birthday month and I’m thinking about the year and how it went for me, did I do everything that I planned or is there…

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Day of the Dead – A Day of Remembering and Honouring

It’s a few days before Halloween and you can feel the excitement. There are fairies, witches and super heroes already out and about and you can feel the excitement in the air. I hear fireworks in the distance and it takes me back to the firework shows that the neighbourhood held together when I was…

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Rose for Grieving

When someone we love dies we will naturally feel pain. Pain from loss is part of this journey that we call life and it cannot be avoided. Often people will try to avoid pain by distracting themselves by busying themselves every moment of the day, using drugs, drinking, shopping, gambling, or overeating. There are many…

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