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ANXIETY – Is It Controlling Your Life?

Last Thursday was an odd day and I thought that I should write about it. I was walking down the street and heard two men yelling at each other. They were across the street from me, but you couldn’t help but notice them – their argument was escalating and both were getting angrier by the second. High stress and anxiety! Then I got a call from a friend who is going through a challenging time – he was having an anxiety attack and called me for support. Everything seems to happen in threes because that evening an-other anxious friend called about their job and how they “have to get out.”

I want to talk about Anxiety because I am noticing that so many people are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. Maybe it is because of the work that I do but I feel it is more than that.

Everyone experiences anxiety to some degree, for some it is a low-level uncomfortable feeling that they just manage. While others have such high levels of anxiety that they have panic attacks. The degree of anxiety will differ for everyone because we all have different experiences and handle challenging experiences differently.

I notice many new moms are anxious about whether they are doing everything RIGHT. Often, they are sleep deprived and overwhelmed and many feel that their life is out of control. If this goes unchecked, then it is a perfect recipe for anxiety.

For people who are grieving they spend a lot time reflecting on the past and trying to work through unresolved issues. Then they switch to thinking about the future and how they are going to live alone without their loved one. They move back and forth from the past to the future which ultimately creates a lot of stress and anxiety.

Then we have the general population who are so stressed. There is so much to do, and it seems too little time to get everything done that we want to. We live in a world that is very stimulating and frenetic. This is my opinion but I believe this is one of the leading causes of anxiety.

Some questions that I’m asked by my clients are, What can someone do to help them handle this anxiety? How can they stop swinging from one thought to the next? How can they move out of feeling anxious?

There are many symptoms of anxiety but there is one common thread and that is that you are in a heightened emotional and physical state that does not support you. When we are anxious our Central Nervous Systems switches, and our body believes we are in danger. It goes into high alert – survival mode of fight, flight or freeze.

So what is the solution?

Essential oils are one of the tools that I recommend to my clients because they can move you out of that anxious survival state quickly and efficiently. They work immediately to calm and relax the Central Nervous System which calms the body, mind, and emotions.

So which essential oils are the best to use for anxiety?

Choosing essential oils that sedate, balance, and stabilize the thoughts and emotions is the key. You also want to cool the nervous system down and the three following oils do this beautifully.

Bergamot is called “Liquid Sunshine In A Bottle” because it balances and sedates the body. It is a natural anti-depressant, so it uplifts your mood and calms your mind and emotions. I always find that it makes one feel HAPPY.

Lavender is known as “The Universal Oil” because it can be used for everything. It’s my go to oil for everything. Lavender has a chemical component in it called linalool which relaxes you. Essentially, it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders. It works by calming and soothing the nervous system.

Marjoram sedates the mind and emotions – it essentially numbs the person. It also calms and balances the nervous system which results in relaxing the body. It is my go-to oil when someone is in shock or grieving or in shock.

There is always a natural remedy for what you are experiencing. Give these powerful healers a try. They will help to heal your anxiety.

If you are struggling with anxiety, overwhelm or isolation and aren’t sure what to do or where to go from here, I invite you to reach out to me for a complimentary Discovery Session. On our call, I’ll help you diagnose your symptoms and lay out your next best steps for creating the happy and balanced life that you desire. It would be my pleasure to support you through your journey and guide you back to your well-being.

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