Starting and ending with grace


Courage To Let Go

The energies have been challenging this spring and summer because there are many streams of light entering the planet and humanity. As the light enters it flows throughout your aura and body and moves into the shadow aspect of our being. The shadows are our unresolved thoughts/emotions, patterns and beliefs that we haven’t dealt with…

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My inner calling came years ago when my world took a sharp 180. My marriage and business ended, and I had also sold my home. What am I to do? This question loomed over me and finally I knew what to do. I decided to put my life aka all my belongings into storage and…

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Need to Chill Out? Try Peppermint

We are in the middle of summer and enjoying the sun filled days and warm nights. For a lot of people, they have a hard time in the heat and find sleeping at night very difficult. I love summer and the sun, but I am always looking for some shade whether it be an umbrella…

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Self Care Tips

An easy and effective way to support your self care time is by using essential oils daily. Check out my products page to see what blends can help you, click here.

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