Starting and ending with grace


Beat The Winter Blues With Orange Essential Oil

I live in North Vancouver which is on the West Coast of Canada, and we consider ourselves the California of Canada, because of our temperate climate. This winter has been amazing! Mid January and bulbs were starting to peek up and everyone was getting pretty cocky about spring being right behind it. Then Mama Nature…

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Anxiety – Additional Tools & Techniques

Anxiety is a complex subject and we are all different in our healing. What works for one person may not resonate with another. I have noticed in my life that I have more success moving through uncomfortable emotions and feelings by layering a variety of tools. Earlier in the week I shared how I use…

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How Using A Mudra Can Help Anxiety

I wrote about Anxiety last week but felt there is more to say so I decided to write more about Anxiety. However, first I want to share some experiences that I have personally had struggling with Anxiety. There have been many times in my life when I have felt or do feel anxious. I still…

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