Starting and ending with grace


Spread Joy

I was with one of my client’s (who’s a new mom) last week and we were talking about what her plans were for Christmas. She said I want to go and visit my family — she gave birth in October, so everything is still very new. The plan is to go visit her parents, his…

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The holiday season is here. As I walk around my neighbourhood I see the lights on the houses, the decorations, and the wreaths hung on doors. The malls and the advertisers are in full swing reminding us that we only have so many more days until the big day is here. We are bombarded with…

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Are You An Optimist?

Someone recently asked me how I came to this career. I shared how so many loved ones had died in a few short years while I was having my children and that the new lives of my children and the death of my family members impacted me to the core of my being. She then…

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